Asalamu Alaikum Dear ICOI Community,

Please find below important community news and updates. We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones at the many wonderful programs we have at ICOI. Thank you for your active participation and commitment to help our flourishing community.
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Nominations - ICOI Elections

Please nominate candidates to run your masjid. There are 2 board positions that need to be filled.

Please click on the image to the left to nominate capable brothers or sisters to these position before the 3rd of January, 2020.

Woke Wednesday - Parent Youth Orientation

A Place for critical thinking, discussion and growth for high school students.

Register early by clicking the image on left.
Prayer Times
Additional Jumu'ah Location

Irvine Lanes (Bowling Alley)

3415 Michelson Drive

Irvine, CA 92612

Khutbah Time: 1:15 pm

(Please be advised that this location is not managed by ICOI.)

'Praying for People'

Sh. Atef Mahgoub

The Board would like to thank everyone who donated this year; ICOI is supported by all of you.  If you are considering an end-of-the-year donation for this tax year, please consider a tax-deductible contribution to ICOI.


All donations are tax-deductible as the Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI) is a California registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our federal tax ID number is: 33-0992506.
Sponsored Ads
If you would like to see your advertisement featured here for only $20 per issue, just click on the link below and submit the completed electronic form.
Other Local Activity and Program News
Please make for du'ah for...
Those who are sick

  • Bro. Abubakr Natalia
  • Sis. Nargis Pinjwini
  • Sis. Helli(Pr. Eelee)
  • Sis. Yara Yousef
  • Sis. Shugla Karzai
  • Bro. Haroon Hussein
  • Sis. Nasreen Hussain
  • Bro. Yousuf Sattar
  • Sis. Maliha Wahazada
  • Bro. Muhammad Afzal Samy

  • Those who have passed away

    • Bro. Abu Bakr Ahmed
    • Choudhary Muhammad Bashir
    ... and all the brothers and sisters who are facing health issues and difficulties.

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